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Our company

Why Moiraraki? Because 30 years now we have studied the carpet and we offer you our specialization

Our company specializes exclusively in handmade carpets and all our activities are interwoven with the purchase, promotion and sale of our favorite item.

With our two stores in Glyfada and Nea Erithraia, we serve over 10.000 customers a year, we visit many cities in Greece (and Cyprus) through exhibitions, and we have entered every Greek home live with the many TV programs, which continue unabated for 30 years.


Our company specializes exclusively in handmade rugs and has nothing to do with other machine rugs or carpets in the trade. Our philosophy is to focus on the one and only type of carpet that is different from the rest. The handmade!

10.000+ Customers

Our clientele is enviable! It includes repeat customers who live not only in Greece but in Cyprus, the Balkans and many regions around the world. In our 30 years of activity we have made thousands of happy customers who recommend us to even more and the next generation!


The secret of our success! By choosing the carpets one by one from the countries of the East, we inspect and then test the categories against the wear and tear of time. If something does not meet the specifications of our customers there is a process of rapid replacement of the worn product.


Mrs. Despina Moiraraki dominates everywhere, behind each knot and is the responsible mind of the business. With her self-created character, her persistent occupation but also with her characteristic voice she has managed to highlight the company MOIRARAKI as the most famous company in Greece.

With the experience that distinguishes her, she will help you choose the right rug for your professional and private space, among products of new receipts that she passionately chooses for you from all the countries of the East. (Persia, China, India, Pakistan) in a wide variety of designs and colors, timeless handmade rugs at incredible prices.

Our stores

glyph shop


store Glyfada

The flagship of our fleet! Our three-storey privately owned store
is waiting for you to visit it.

For 20 years, our corner privately owned store adorns our rich collection on the seafront boulevard, in the heart of Glyfada. Within three floors you will see a unique, collection of carpets which is constantly updated and includes over 3000 classic and modern handmade carpets for all budgets and for all tastes! A modern team of salesmen, guides and partners is waiting for you to serve you for those of you who live in the southern suburbs of Athens and beyond.

New Eritrea

Nea Erithraia Store

Our latest addition to the service area! Visit
our new store in the heart of the northern suburbs.

For the past two years, the Moiraraki company has returned dynamically with the presence of a state-of-the-art store, a landmark in the heart of the northern suburbs, in Nea Erithraia. Now you can enjoy our collection in the northern suburbs where a thorough partner is waiting to serve you, to sample you and bring to your space what they want your tastes! The three floors full of handmade carpets will enchant you with everything new that arrives in our business.

Exclusive by Andreotti

Exclusive by Andreotti

Collaboration with Exclusive by Andreotti
in Limassol.

The Moiraraki company is now coming closer to the public of Cyprus, starting a collaboration with the exclusive by andreotti in Limassol. Now our Cypriot friends can find Moiraraki products exclusively in our partner store. Address: 62 Agios Athanasios, Limassol Cyprus.


Worldwide Award

for the Greek Entrepreneur Despina Moiraraki

Another World Award

for the Greek businesswoman

Award in Patras

from the Women's Union of Patras


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