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35 years on
carpet sales

Our company specializes exclusively in handmade carpets and all our activities are interwoven with the purchase, promotion and sale of our favorite item. With our two stores in Glyfada and Nea Erithraia, we serve over 10.000 customers a year, we visit many cities in Greece (and Cyprus) through exhibitions, and we have entered every Greek home live with the many TV programs, which continue unabated for 35 years.




TV shows

35 years of television

Here you can find out about the hours and channels of our shows whether you want to buy them or just admire them. For the first time, log on to watch our latest shows online.

Winter Offers 🎁

Receipt today

One of the most important factors of our success is the very frequent receipts that we have directly from production to consumption. On a weekly basis, modern and classic carpets arrive from every corner of the East, which are all selected one by one by the eyes and hands of Mrs. Despina Moiraraki.

Here you all have the opportunity to be the first to see online our latest receipts and to be informed about the categories of carpets that have arrived at our two stores and are ready for sale.

Decoration suggestions

From the most classic hotels to the most modern villas, Moiraraki carpets have prevailed in the Greek and not only the market as the most timeless as Mrs. Despina Moiraraki with her network of partners choose with great care the appropriate solutions for your spaces after coming to contact with them. Below you can take a look at some of our most famous projects in hotels and homes of our famous clients!


Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards

All this universal recognition could not have been transformed into recognition by international bodies. The accredited excellence of our company has been awarded a few times by various organizations abroad. Below you can see some of them.

The institution that made us famous! 35 years of auctions and we continue! You can now bid freely and without restrictions for collectible and very expensive handmade carpets which can be closed even below cost!

Last Bidding

1000 €

Initial value


Area: Maroussi

What our friends have said

My alter ego on the carpets!

Anna Vissi

Singer, Public figure

Either Athens or Thessaloniki, one is the queen of carpets!

Antonis Remos

Singer, Public figure

From the Hilton straight to my house!

Sakis Rouvas

Singer, Public figure

Both together 60 years of television!

Eleni Menegaki

Presenter, Public figure

The only thing I can not imitate is her effort and struggle on handmade carpets!

Takis Zaharatos

Actor, Public figure

Due to lack of time and professional obligations I bought carpets without even visiting the shops!

Stamatina Tsimtsili

Presenter, Public figure

I could not imagine the fate of my house in another company.


Singer, Public figure

Despina knew the notes as well as I did! He knew what was right for my space.

Natassa Theodoridou

Singer, Public figure

I felt so familiar with the company before I even got in touch with it. Everything else was just a sequel.

Mimi Dennis

Actor, Public figure

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