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08.04.2022 / Published in Cleaning

The time has come for the annual care of your carpet and the Moiraraki company undertakes responsibly and guaranteed the cleaning and repair of your carpets at preferential prices!

03.02.2022 / Published in Offers

The company Moiraraki says goodbye to the winter season with one last bazaar with discounts up to -60%, from 11 to 21 February in both our stores, Glyfada and Nea Erithraia!

01.12.2021 / Published in Reports
christmas bazaar-2021

The Moiraraki company says goodbye in 2021 with a large Christmas bazaar, from 10 to 20 December, in its stores, where it offers all its merchandise up to 50% below the season prices.

23.11.2021 / Published in Offers
black friday-2021

When quality meets opportunity, we talk about great Black Friday discounts by Miraraki up to -50%, from 25 to 29 November in both our stores, Glyfada and Nea Erithraia!

17.11.2021 / Published in New deliveries
decoration-bamboo silk

Winter has come for good and Moiraraki carpets adorn spaces from simple houses to branded villas, hotels and public institutions.

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Our stores will be closed on Wednesday 29/6, due to a funeral.

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