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Special order carpets

Unique collaborations with branded companies abroad

Our company, having secured unique collaborations with branded companies abroad, has managed to exert its own influence on these looms and to be able to produce specialized decoration solutions designed specifically for your measures.

In this category of carpets you can place orders in the designs and colors that you see but with your own special custom made dimensions. Production time varies from two to four months.

First step

Choose material

In the first stage of the process, the customer chooses from our boxes through a wide range of colors the woolen or silk tassel (or a combination of them) that he wants to use to make his carpets.

Second step


A) From the decorator: The client can bring a printed design that he likes or has decided with his decorator, which we can implement in exclusive collaboration with the graphic designers and looms abroad. B) Selection from the store: In our company there are hundreds of different designs of modern handmade carpets where everyone can choose and order them in the dimension they desire.

Design by Sissy Feida
Design by Sissy Feida

Third step

The implementation

After the desired dimension, the customer's order is given to our partners abroad, where in exclusive cooperation we complete the project within three to four months. Our specialized workshop is present during the delivery and laying of the carpets.


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