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Exhibition at Electra Palace Thessaloniki! 🎁

Carpet Exhibition in Thessaloniki! 🎁

The Moiraraki company, faithful to its appointment, returns to the co-capital on November 25-29, at Electra Palace and promises unique prices up to -50%!

Handmade carpets classic and modern, woolen, silk, nomadic, bedroom sets for all wallets and for all tastes!

The first big winter few-day sales of this season are a fact and the Moiraraki company, true to its values, is looking forward to presenting its huge collection of handmade carpets to you! The public of Northern Greece will have the opportunity to admire new arrivals of carpets where they have arrived in the heart of the winter season! Our customers will, as always, have the opportunity to make custom made orders for modern Moiraraki carpets, from special samples with the newest designs!

Our staff that observes all the health protection measures is waiting to serve you in the best professional way of 40 years of experience on the handmade carpet!

  • Time: 10.00 - 21.00 every day
  • Date: November 25-29
  • Admission: Free without appointment

The Exhibition will end at:

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